Julia’s work focuses on the physicality of mark making. The paintings go through a

process using different medias that span from oil paint to pen and ink. Absorption

plays a key part in the process which allows different paint mediums to interact,

creating an uncertainty which feels lively and energised.


Julia begins working in the natural world where she can familiarise herself with the

inherent patterns that forms and repeat. Colour is applied as a reflection of the

capricious mood of society, often earthy with notes of red or blue to emphasise the

temperament of the particular work.


"I am very interested in the destructive and paradoxically constructive nature of

human beings and how our actions can create and destroy. In particular how we affect

the natural world, sometimes leaving behind a trail of irreversible damage and altered



Although the destructive nature of human beings is a creative force that I feel a need

to manifest in my paintings, I am more intent on expressing the awesome magnitude

of the beautiful world in which we live.”


Julia Holt