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My Time at Digswell Arts in Review

How has having a studio with Digswell Arts benefited you during your fellowship?

Having a studio has benefitted me greatly. It has given me a base to practice and somewhere that I can truly immerse myself in the business of art. It has allowed me to continue through times of personal hardship permitting me to keep producing and stay in touch and involved.

How do you see your professional work developing after leaving Digswell?

This has been a question that I have been reflecting on a lot. The questions of how do I successfully keep my network flowing and stay connected and involved.

I have begun volunteering at a local gallery that hangs work in hotels, stately homes and has its own gallery space with a space for adult classes too. I really enjoy being involved in the process of curating, so this is certainly a line of enquiry that I will continue with.

I would like to immerse myself even more so, in the making of work and I am also considering further study, possible an MA.

How long has your fellowship been and how often have you been able to use your studio?

My fellowship will be five years and I have managed to get into my studio a minimum of two days a week and often more.

What has been your overall feeling about being a fellow:

My overall feeling has been camaraderie, the building of ideas, expanding skills, completion of projects, learning and sharing skills, and being part of something that I am proud to tell people I’m part of. I’ve always found people respect that I am a Digswell artist or that I am part of an artist community.

Do you have any comments or feedback that might help Digswell Arts, it’s Trustees and Fellows, going forward?

This is my first and only review, which is a shame! I would have liked more help when I first arrived with transitioning, in my case, from University. Im aware that this help is now more available with a Digswell mentor in place.

How best might we keep in touch with you as an alumni (email/other) and please advise us if you would like to be involved with Digswell in the future and in what capacity you might want to be involved?

One of the most successful ways that the fellows have kept in touch in recent years is through our WhatsApp group. This means that everyone knows about everything straight away, eg when Fiona had her work accepted for the RA Summer show, or when other members have good news or sometimes not so good news, we can all share congratulations or console each other. This has made us a much tighter group and I will miss that the most. Perhaps it could work with alumni too. This could include all present fellows, trustees and alumni. I’m thinking that it is a quick way to get a group of artists together and find out who is interested in projects etc. however, there may be too many people for this to work??

Email, text, facebook, I don’t mind how you keep in touch as long as I hear about it I’m happy!

As I would be becoming an alumni, perhaps I could be involved with keeping alumni in touch and involved.

I would also like to continue as a printmaker if possible.

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